How to Start the Act with a Professional Escort

Once in a while, you just want to have an amazing sexual pleasure with no strings attached. One night with an escort can really change your entire sexual experience. But you need to know some tricks and tips that will help you get the most out of your escort experience. If you have never hired an escort before, or you have but did not enjoy the services, here are some things to guide you so as to enjoy the escort services.

1. Relax and Enjoy

If it’s your first time you might feel uncomfortable and nervous. But remember this is an escort that means she is a pro. She is not someone you care about so there is no need for any concern. If you are completely unable to control your nervousness, you can start with a back rub so that you get used to touching each other. You can also pay for the extra tip so this way you can take a much longer time to get yourself ready.

2. Be Romantic

Hiring an escort is like hiring any other professional. If you treat them right then they will give you great services. Despite the fact that she is an escort she is also a woman and her body will respond just like any other woman’s body. During foreplay caress her softly and gently. You can even compliment her. When you are romantic enough she will also have a good time and give you great sex.

3. Respect her boundaries

Although you have paid for the services, remember she is also human and there are things she dislikes. Most escorts don’t do anal sex and some don’t like it when you put a finger in them. So if she tells you not to do it then don’t. Otherwise, she will not be comfortable and the session will be boring. However, if you want a particular service, like anal sex for example, then you should specify while you are booking for the escort.

4. Bring a condom and a lubricant

A condom is necessary. It’s because these professionals have to protect themselves from sexual infections. It’s advisable that you carry your own because you know the brand that you like. Also, don’t forget to carry a lubricant. Escorts have many clients and sometimes they may not be in the mood. Having a lube may help in making her wet.

5. Try different positions

Sex is not meant to be boring and doing it in one position may not make it fun. You can be switching positions from time to time so that you make the most out of it. You can try the military position first then later on you can let her come on top of you. This way you are making it more exciting as opposed to just one person being on top and doing the act.

With these tips, you are ready to get maximum pleasure from an escort. But remember nothing is perfect the first time. So if you are a newbie then you must keep trying and be willing to learn. Let her teach you as she has experience in that field. Also remember, sex is supposed to be fun so if you are angry or stressed that might not be the perfect time to show it.

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